Westport Pizzeria began in 1968 when the Mioli Brothers, Joe and Mel, decided to open an authentic, local family restaurant in downtown Westport. They had been visiting Westport for some time, and it was a small town on the sea shore that reminded them of Sicily, where they are from. Armed with their mother’s recipes, they opened their doors on Saturday, October 12th—Columbus Day. As the years have gone by there have been many changes in the pizza business, but we stick to the traditional ways of doing things. We do so because we believe that it produces the best food, food that people can understand and enjoy. We do not use any artificial colorings, dyes or chemical preservatives. Nothing goes into our food that your grandmother would not recognize from the kitchen of her childhood. We do this because connecting with people and fostering relationships within the community has always been a driving force behind our business because we live here, too. We don’t just have customers, we have friends. Some we have known for a long time and some we have yet to meet. Either way, we welcome you to enjoy everything our authentic experience has to offer.

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